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We are the first organization in Iran that is offering a CRM solution that is based on cloud. What does this mean to you? Simply, you just sign up, and start using the application. There are no servers to buy. You do not have to worry about patches, upgrades and system maintenance. We do everything for you. Just like the way you use Gmail and Yahoo Email, you will use our application. Sarv CRM is hosted in one of the premier data centers inside Iran.

Sarv CRM is brought to you by Sarveno Business Solutions. Founded in 2012, Sarveno has grown into Iran’s premier CRM consulting companies focused on delivering game changing CRM solutions to organizations in Iran. We believe the path to becoming customer centric and delivering on your customer needs is much more than installing a CRM application. It involves formulating an appropriate CRM strategy and changing the internal culture. Combining proven methodologies, previous successful international experiences, and access to subject matter experts across leading international CRM solution providers, Sarveno enables clients to address their CRM challenges through implementing sustainable and differentiating solutions.


مدیریت بازاریابی و فروش[1] مدیریت وظایف افراد و تیم ها [2] مدیریت خدمات پس از فروش[[3] مدیریت محصولات، تامین کنندگان، سفارشات خرید، پیش فاکتورها و فاکتورها [4]



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