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Many of us haven’t seen our family and friends in Iran for years. It would be delightful to be in contact with them in more passionate and realistic way. We are also going to miss some especial occasions we wish we would participate like nephew’s birthday, sister’s wedding and so on. Finding a solution that our beloved ones feel our presence is definitely something everybody looks for.

Surprise Gadget is a website which provides this opportunity for Iranians who live abroad to surprise their family and friends in Iran by creative and exciting offers. For instance, You can invite them to a fancy restaurant in which we host your guests in VIP even better than what you imagine. You can also send a memorable picture printed on Persian carpet or a cake. Additionally you can send flowers and many other interesting gifts.

Everything is simple through the surprise gadget website and you can register your order just by some clicks and finally pay for it by your credit card. You can customize your gift by website tools to be felt personal. We care about all the details to make a remarkable moment for people you love.