Super Foods You Should Be Eating for Improved Memory

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Memory lapses...we get those occasionally. You've probably had those times when you forgot why you stood up or got out of your chair. When you were driving through a fast food place, how often is it that you knew what you wanted to order on the drive there but then when you're asked what you want, your mind is a blank? When you find yourself in these kinds of situations very often, it's understandable that you'd assume you may be exhibiting symptoms of Alzheimer's. The good news is that you're probably not a candidate for Alzheimer's. There are lots of things that you can do to improve your memory. For example, did you know that there are superfoods that can help you improve your memory?

Calcium is very important when it comes to improving your brain function. It is one of the brain's building blocks. If you aren't currently getting enough calcium, this needs to be corrected immediately. Dairy is an excellent calcium source so eat more dairy products. You can eat leafy green vegetables. If your doctor gives you permission, you might also take a couple of calcium bicarbonate tablets (like Tums) each day. Another way you can improve your memory is to eat foods that have high amounts of tyrosine proteins. These proteins have been found to boost memory. What they do is help increase the neurotransmitters in the brain. Your brain makes this protein naturally but consuming it can also be helpful. You can get these proteins from dairy and soy products. This is wonderful news whether you eat meat, are a vegetarian, or someone who eat plant foods exclusively. If you are vegan, increase your soy intake. Try drinking more milk if you eat dairy. Make sure, though, that the foods you eat have low salt content; source otherwise, you'll develop a host of other health issues.

Iron is another important mineral for the brain and lean red meat is a good source of it. You can source your iron from lean beef. You don't want to eat it for every meal, obviously. It's good for once every so often. It's been found in many studies that memory loss can be caused by iron deficiency. And it isn't just memory loss that results from iron deficiency. If you're low in iron, you're likely to have anemia and other disorders.

You have all sorts of great ways to help you improve your memory. There are some puzzles you can do and tricks you can try. You can also eat better. You can prevent memory loss by eating certain super foods. You've just read about some of the memory super foods. But this article isn't complete, though. Do your research and find out more about the memory super foods.