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In the United Kingdom and many other Typical Law jurisdictions particular documents need to be sworn before a qualified legal individual recognized as a Commissioner for Oaths. This is an ancient workplace which is appointed by the lord Chancellor for the jurisdiction in England and Wales.

The office of Commissioner for Oaths is granted to the following professional lawyers subject to particular conditions:

- Barristers in practice - Solicitors in practice - Notary Public - Legal Executive (conditional) - Licensed Conveyancer (conditional)

An important point to be aware of is that a Commissioner for Oaths should not use these powers in any proceedings in which they are currently acting for any of the parties or in any process in which they have an interest.

From time to time individuals and businesses find that they have a requirement for the services of a Commissioner for Oaths to witness the signing and swearing of documents but might be unclear where to find one. The simplest course is to attempt a nearby solicitor or two.

On a practical note finding one to really do some thing for you is becoming increasingly tough. This is because the official charging structure suggests nominal payments of £5 for swearing an affidavit and £2 per exhibit such as VAT

Most solicitors, who are in fact the biggest group of lawyers, charge in 6 minute units so for an average solicitor charging £150 + VAT per hour, two 6 minute units would usually be worth £30 +VAT. The result is many refuse to do this sort of work or contrive to charge greater charges.

So you will know when you need one but can you easily find one to act for you? If one turns you down just maintain attempting.

Commissioner For Oaths